Virtuos participates in the 2023 Vietnam GameMaker Conference


During the conference, Virtuos actively engaged in panel discussions and hosted workshops to share valuable insights on nurturing local talent.

Virtuos is honored to be a gold sponsor of the 2023 Vietnam GameMaker Conference themed “Unlocking Potential – Elevating the Game Development Ecosystem in Vietnam.” Led by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Information and Communication in Vietnam, the event was aimed at fostering connections, encouraged collaboration, and highlighted investment opportunities within the thriving local games industry.

Nam Nguyen, General Manager of Glass Egg – a Virtuos Studio, joined a panel discussing “Enablers for investment in Vietnam’s gaming industry.” The panel was moderated by Tuyet Vu, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Nam sharing his insights on the panel discussion

Apart from sharing his experience as the founder of Glass Egg, and insights into Vietnam’s games market, Nam also highlighted the importance of nurturing local game development talent. Citing examples from Virtuos’ university partnerships aimed at knowledge transfer and talent development for the games industry, he recognized the time investment needed for such initiatives to elevate the industry.

In another panel, Sparx*’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Minh Ngo, also spoke on a panel discussion about building a foundation of game education and talent development in Vietnam.

Minh discusses the development of local game development talent

During the discussion, an opinion surfaced that it is possible to negate the need for in-depth and specific training in game development by building a team with a mixture of experts in programming and art. In response to that, he countered, “Game industry professionals require knowledge and experience in both programming and art, and that requires intensive programs that are specifically designed for game development.”

On the other hand, Bach Nguyen, Glass Egg’s Human Resource Manager, hosted a workshop titled “Unlocking the Potentials of Vietnam’s Game Art Sector.” He shared with participants on how Virtuos nurtures junior talent to master their craft and become better artists, as well as the challenges faced in talent development.

Bach speaking to the workshop attendees

After the conference, Nam expressed his hopes for the future of the local game industry, “The most important takeaway from this event is the public recognition that game development is a profession, and in fact, it is a good profession that needs to be supported. We look forward to seeing more universities in Vietnam organize specialized training programs to provide young talent with opportunities to become professional game developers.”

Virtuos remains steadfast in our commitment to sharing knowledge and providing training to foster game development talent. As the largest external developer in Vietnam, we are excited to continue contributing to the growth of the maturing industry to elevate the game development scene and foster collaboration to make games better, together.