Glass Egg Digital Media is an art outsourcing studio and a game developer/publisher based in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam.

Since 1999, the company has worked hard to recruit the region's best talent and develop their skills in-house then let their creative talent loose to create outstanding games and provide 3D and 2D art outsourcing services with significantly improved levels of efficiency.

Glass Egg is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and fully owned by its employees. It is a completely independent entity and has no joint venture partner.



After 18 years working as an art outsourcer in the game industry, our 3D-Art Expert team is one of the most experienced and battle tested teams in the industry. Our 3D team is proficient in using Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya, ZBrush and Substance. Their skills are always nurtured and maintained with up-to-date in-house 3D training programs.
Along with the excellent artists team, Glass Egg is also really proud of its Advanced Technical Skills including 1000+ tools to support the art production by improving productivity and maintaining high-quality 3D outsourcing service such as rendering techniques: Physically-Based Rendering, Image-based lighting,… In addition, we are experienced with several programming languages such as Mel script, Max script, Python, C#, DotNet, Power Shell and familiar with industry 3D Engines: Unreal 4.x, Unity 4.x, Unity 5.x.
We know that delivering high quality services in time requires a smooth production and asset management process. To make this process easier, we have:
- A strong communication system using asset management tool
Our communication process between artists, managers and clients is supported by intermediate tools: Shotgun, Perforce, in addition to our own in-house customized Glass Egg Production Management Tool.
- An effective communication and project management
Our working style could be described with these 6 terms:
  Working Process
                                      A clear and proper working process is also considered as one of our strengths which helps us to manage every project efficiently from the beginning to the end.

our team

People play an indispensable role in the success of Glass Egg. We have more than 350 people on staff coming from various backgrounds.

Phil TranCEO

Phil has over 22 years of experience in game production management.
His game industry career began in 1995 as the Director of Asian Operations for Morgan Interactive, an edutainment game developer in San Francisco. At Morgan, he managed the production of more than 17 titles including the best-seller Knowledge Adventure's Jump Start First Grade, among many others.
In 1999, he founded Glass Egg, a game service provider specializing in 3D game assets creation, and has refused to give anyone else a turn as CEO since. Glass Egg has successfully completed many AAA projects for many of the biggest names in the industry.
Phil was born in Saigon and emigrated to the US in 1975 when he was twelve years old. He graduated with a degree in economics from the University of California at Berkeley and attended the University Of San Francisco School Of Law.

Steve ReidCFO

Steve oversees the financial and strategic development efforts of the company. He has worked in Vietnam for more 20 years and was previously the Marketing Director for a start-up company based in Ho Chi Minh City.
Steve is a strategist through and through: he applies the same degree of thought and precision to ordering lunch as he does to Glass Egg's business practices, bringing his extensive knowledge of managing a Vietnam start-up and experience in strategic development alongside impeccably balanced nutrition to the Glass Egg table.
Prior to working in Vietnam, Steve worked as a Management Consultant for McKinsey & Co. in roles based in New York and Australia, respectively. Steve holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania: one in business from the Wharton School, and one in electrical engineering; and received his MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1992. Yes, he's a total smart-ass.

Guillaume MonierCOO

Guillaume joined Glass Egg in 2009 and brings his enthusiasm, charisma, and international marketing and business development experience to the team. He also brings Glass Egg's average executive age down a decade or so.
After obtaining a BA in Business Development in the UK and a Masters in Marketing at a French Management School in Bordeaux, Guillaume began his video game industry career at Ubisoft's EMEA marketing department where he worked on several famous AAA titles.
Guillaume then moved to Vietnam, where he has worked for more than 8 years. Guillaume's got game.

Thuy LeHead Of Production

Thuy has been with the Glass Egg team since 1996. She started her career as a 3D artist, but her unique ability to manage and motivate people without resorting to licensed weaponry resulted in her natural progression from art production to project management.
She was promoted to Producer in 2000 and Senior Producer in 2004. After overseeing many successful AAA projects, her knowledge and experience of art production and project management is unsurpassed.
Thuy graduated from the Economics University of Vietnam with a degree in Business Administration. She is fluent in Vietnamese, English and sarcasm.

David Choi3D Art Director

David has always been drawn to art as long as he can remember. At a very early age his first body of work secured prompt exhibition on the family refrigerator. Rave reviews where shared by all. Now, David is a 21 year veteran of game art. In recent years he has worked globally on both the client and service side of outsourcing. As Art Producer Outsource Manager in Stockholm, Sweden, as Environment Final Reviewer with Indian studios for large developers and AAA titles like Kingdom Hearts 3, and as Environment Lead at a Russian studio and now in Vietnam at Glass Egg Studio. David has a passion for making wonderful next-gen worlds and he strives to create the next unbelievable world. Also, he is a nut for National Parks, so, be sure to ask him about that and watch him talk about it until your ears bleed.

Quy NguyenCTO

Quy started his career at Glass Egg in 1996 as a programmer. He had taken the lead in programing of several titles since the very first day of Glass Egg’s history: The Mission Master Math Grade 3-4-5, Frog and Toad are Friends…
In 2002, he was promoted to 3D Technical Manager, then to CTO in 2012. Since then he has been the technical expert of Glass Egg who is in charge of all technical aspects. He plays an indispensable role in the QA process of the company and helps determine the working pipeline with internal team for each project.
Quy is a graduate of the prestigious Polytechnic University of Vietnam with the degree in Information Technology.

some of our clients

Our main partners and clients are game developers/publishers located in 23 countries, across 4 continents. Other than the game industry, we also work with several non-gaming companies who have demand on 3D modeling/texturing for their sales & marketing/training purposes.
Microsoft Studios
Bandai Namco
Turn 10
Playground Games
Natural Motion
Fire Monkeys
Klab Games
Code Masters
Three Fields
GSE Systems