Ho Chi Minh City, June 6, 2023 – Virtuos officially kicked off the 3rd–year Women Game Changers Scholarship Program, offering 12 scholarships for excellent female students who are passionate about games and 3D art.

Game production is one of the most attractive and promising industries as it allows creators to unleash their imagination, express their vision, and entertain millions of gamers everywhere. Vietnam has around 28.4 million gamers and is home to more than 200 game developers and publishers, generating USD 200 million in annual revenue for the game industry. 

However, this is also a highly competitive industry with a lot of pressure, especially for women. Although nearly half of worldwide game players are females, female talent accounts for less than 30% of the industry workforce. In addition to prejudices against female gamers, women often face skepticism about their capabilities to work in creativity-and-technology-related fields, making it difficult for them to assert themselves.


Virtuos believes that female talent brings more diverse perspectives and creativity to the Group and the game industry as well, enabling us to make games better together every day.

First launched in 2021, Women Game Changers Scholarship is our initiative to empower more female students to join and develop careers in the game industry. We aim to build a more equal and inclusive environment for female artists and animators, who often encounter more obstacles than their male peers in this male-dominated industry.

Female students who received Women Game Changers Scholarship in 2022 – Courtesy: Virtuos

“Confidence is the biggest present that the scholarship has brought me. It allowed me to orient and plan better for my personal development and motivated me to turn my intentions into actions,” said Kim Chau, WGC scholarship recipient in 2022 and currently a Junior Artist at Sparx*.

This year, Virtuos offers 12 scholarships to 12 excellent female students in their 3rd/final year at universities/colleges or in their final semester at training centers in Virtuos’ partner list. The scholarship is an opportunity for Vietnamese female students passionate about games to receive financial aid of VND 10,000,000 and participate in Virtuos’ game art training programs.

Find further information and apply by 11:59pm July 6th, 2023 ➤  

“The Jury Board is looking for candidates with creative artistic approaches demonstrated in their personal art portfolio. Besides, it would be best if you can also show your curiosity and self-learning ability that can help you adapt to a game production environment that changes quickly on a daily basis”, said Ms. Phung Thi Hoa, Art Manager at Glass Egg and also a team member of the Scholarships Jury Board.


  • A financial aid of VND 10,000,000 in cash
  • A slot on either of the following training programs:

3D Trainee of Glass Egg

Topic: How to apply the standard process to 3D production to meet actual projects’ requirements
●     Duration: 3-5 months
●     Mode: On-site training at Glass Egg – a Virtuos Studio, District 4, HCMC

PROCLASS of Sparx*

  • Topic: How to build a full pipeline, from conceptual analysis, modeling to testing, in specialized engines (like Unreal)
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Mode: Online training

Demonstrate interest in games and game production 

Nice to have: 3D art skills

Note: Students who received this scholarship before and students who are training/working at Glass Egg or Sparx* (Virtuos studios) will not be eligible for this scholarship.


  • June 6th: Call for applications
  • July 6th: Deadline for applications
  • July 31st – August 11th: Interviews with shortlisted applicants 
  • August 31st: Result announcement
  • September: Scholarship award ceremony

In addition, Virtuos will organize a Women Game Changers workshop (scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 22nd) for interested applicants to learn more about the program as well as put questions to the Organizer.



To apply for the 2023 Women Game Changers Scholarship, you need to prepare:

  • A resume
  • An art portfolio
  • An essay on the given topic
  • A game quiz.

Find further information and apply by 11:59pm July 6th, 2023



Applicants who have passed Stage 1 will be invited to a face-to-face interview at one of Virtuos’ offices in Vietnam.


FPT Arena Multimedia student, 3D Artist
at Glass Egg – a Virtuos studio


“WGC scholarship gave me the opportunity to learn from and experience the working environment at one of the largest 3D game asset studios in Vietnam. During the training, I received a lot of helpful guidance from Art Leads and other experienced Artists, which gave me valuable insights into 3D asset production pipeline. I also attended various workshops and events organized by the company. I found this to be a friendly and professional environment which offers a clear career path and exciting and challenging projects, thus a good fit for young people who are passionate and want to go far in 3D art.”

Arena Multimedia student, Junior Artist
at Sparx* – a Virtuos studio


“I have been interested in the WGC scholarship since last year, but it wasn’t until this year that I took my courage to apply for it.

I got into 3D game art during my third semester at college and realized that this field was so interesting that I wish I had known about it earlier.

The journey with this scholarship allowed me to take a much closer look and gain new perspectives on the game and film industry – something I never really had a chance to.”

University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City student


“I believe that leadership is essential for women in games or in any industry to self-develop and achieve their goals.

I love projects like Spirited Away from Ghibli or Coco and Big Hero 6 from Disney – they are my biggest inspirations to pursue industrial art and especially in game and film areas.”

Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts student


“One of my most memorable and proudest moments of 2022 was opening the email that said, “You have become a Women Game Changer”.

In my childhood, I enjoyed many games such as Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Rockman (Mega Man), or Contra with my brother. Eventually, I realized that it was the game art and the storytelling behind the game design that I enjoyed most.

For a girl who loves drawing, playing video games has given me a great source of inspiration and shaped my current art style. This childhood hobby also made me want to become a game artist.”


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If you have any questions about the scholarship program, please email Virtuos at [email protected].


Founded in 2004, Virtuos is a leading global video game development company headquartered in Singapore with studios across Asia, Europe, and North America.

With over 3,500 full-time professionals, Virtuos specializes in game development and 3D art production for AAA consoles, PC, and mobile titles, enabling its partners to generate additional revenues and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Currently the largest external game developer in Vietnam, we are seeking talented and passionate individuals who want to work in the best projects from top developers in the games industry. 

Glass Egg – a Virtuos Studio

Glass Egg has been one of Vietnam’s leading game art studios since 1999, providing premium art services for some of the world’s most renown developers and is widely known as a powerhouse of vehicle and hard-surface game art.

Now a member studio of Virtuos, with 2 studios located in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat City, Glass Egg is currently the home of over 450 talent, who have been taking on creative journeys in blockbuster titles like Forza, Need for Speed, Call of Duty, PUBG or Apex Legends.

Learn more about Glass Egg at

Sparx* – a Virtuos Studio

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Sparx* is home to over 550 professionals, providing services across the full pipeline for the biggest video game companies globally.

Established in 1995, and became a member studio of Virtuos in 2011, the studio has earned credits on legendary IPs such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Demon’s Souls or Medal of Honor, and contributed to some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises including the Marvel and Star Wars cinematic universes.

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