Technical Artist in Da Lat



To be a part of Virtuos means to be a creator and aim at excellence. At Virtuos, we harness the latest technologies to make video games better and more immersive than ever before. That is why we pride ourselves on constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility since our founding in 2004.

Virtuosi are a team of experts – people who have come together to share their mutual passion for producing high-quality games. People who share the same enthusiasm for exploring new ideas and the constant drive to excel in their field. People who believe in earning success through dedication.


  • Partner with 3D Technical Supervisor to investigate projects’ requirements and build the tech checklist for Character projects. 
  • Build tools supporting production. 
  • Support artists with working tools, software, and technical requirements. 
  • Partner with other supervisors (Art Director, Art Lead, Tech Supervisor) to figure out issues during production, and find out the solutions. 
  • Assure all 3D assets reach tech requirements before delivering to clients. 


  • At least 1 year experience working in a similar position/ game company.
  • Knowledge of any 3D software (3DS Max and/or Maya).
  • Experience in Developing tools by Python/Maxscript on 3DS Max; Python/MEL on Maya  (1-year experience).
  • Understanding Animation, and Rigging is a plus.
  • Knowledge about other software is a plus: Substances, Quixel Suite, and ZBrush.
  • Knowledge about 3D Engine is a plus: Unity and Unreal Engine.

How to apply: Resume and Academic Transcript to [email protected]