Game Producer (Non-Tech Project Manager)


Department: Game production
Reporting line: Head of Production
Job levels: Junior & Senior

Job Content:

In this role, you will work closely with teams of Art/Tech and Artist to deliver high quality art production. Primary responsibilities included managing a project across multiple game team disciplines as well as communicate on daily basis with international clients, such as Microsoft, SONY, EA,…
Key to this role is the ability to inspire and motivate team members, to reduce risks and increase predictability, and to manage multiple projects end-to-end. In order to succeed, you will need to continually evolve, document, drive and sometimes create new processes needed to create next-gen games. Attention to detail, self-motivation, flexibility, and an ability to connect with the team are a must.

What you can expect to do as a Producer at Glass Egg:

  • Tight and clear communication with International Clients and Internal Teams (Art, Tech managers and artists) on daily basis.
  • Good planning skill and managing skill to meet the deadlines.
  • Quick decision making and solving problem ability.
  • Understand production process.
  • Foresee any risks might happen during production.
  • Be creative and flexible in order to run project(s) on time with expected quality.
  • Motivate members to get the team work more efficiently and effectively.

Required Background:

  • At least 2 years of experience as a Project coordinator, or assistant or manager; or related experience in production, logistic and/ or supply chain.
  • Good planning skill.
  • Logical thinking
  • Production/ project management skills
  • Proactive. Highly responsible.
  • Excellent communication skills (Vietnamese and English), in written and verbal, and good at conflict resolution.
  • Hard working and can work under high pressure.
  • Experience in working with international clients is a plus.