Career Expo – RMIT University

Joining annual Career Expo at RMIT International University, Glass Egg and Bloomer were very pleased to meet with many young, dynamic students from various majors: commerce, professional communication, multimedia design, marketing, IT…  This is a great opportunity for Glass Egg to introduce ourselves, our working environment, as well as to share our hiring needs. Students can pass by the booth and ask questions regarding the job and the company. It is always fun to see the “wow” effect when the students learnt about Glass Egg’s contribution to some greatest games they have been playing every day; and the eagerness on their faces while we share about the game development industry that is not very much developed in Vietnam.

Thanks to RMIT and the students for your enthusiasm to ask questions, join the mini game at Glass Egg booth.

See you all again next year.

GE tham dự RMIT career expo