how we work

Efficient and Effective Communications

Communications are absolutely critical to the success of our business. The internet has made collaboration across continents possible, but in practice every project needs to be managed by a team that is focused on facilitating interaction between everyone involved.
At Glass Egg every effort is made to ensure that we are in constant communication with our clients and partners and pay the utmost attention to detail. It's how we make great games. Given our many years of experience managing projects across four continents, we are familiar with the myriad of potential production-related issues inherent to the game industry, and we'll never leave you out of the loop.
All of our expatriate senior management and Vietnamese middle management are fluent in English and highly conversant in game related terminology - just don't ask them to do stand-up. In addition, most of our Vietnamese production staff has a very good level of comprehension when it comes to written English.